Woo-ee-oo, I look just like Buddy Holly.


Fuck Yeah Nerdfashion: Geeks and nerds have always been stereotyped for wearing ill fitting clothes, looking disheveled, and wearing glasses. A concept of being generally unaware about their hygiene and outward appearance that stems from the assumption that we don't care about it since we never leave the house (even if we rarely do anyway).

I am still proud though, and people are noticing. Being a nerd has become pretty cool. In the last few decades, especially in Hollywood, there has been this very distinct hotness factor developing around nerd culture! It's even fetishized in some instances. I believe that anyone can harness this awesome sex appeal, you just have to know how to work your nerdstatus in the right ways!

Nerdfashion is about taking all the awesome qualities we already have (like playfulness, sarcasm, cultural relevance, over-excitement, intelligence) and showing them off! It's not about dramatically changing your appearance for everyone else or to fit a certain standard, it's about gaining confidence through finding things to wear that make you feel like you. Nerdfashion is just an outward expression of your inner awesomeness.

For example: If you have an incredible graphic tee collection... old shirts can go from "meh." to "hot damn!" or "what? awesome!" just by learning to accessorize a little bit instead of wearing them with the same pair of old jeans every day. Or if you've been wearing the same style of glasses since third grade try upgrading... Pick out something you love (like a sexy cat-eye librarian pair) even if you're not sure you can pull it off! Or try that classy Rivers Cuomo/Clark Kent style, hell even Matt Damon looks hotter in a sweet pair of Buddy Holly Glasses!

Basically this blog is a combination of fashion and swagger tips for reaching your hot nerd potential, the occasional cosplay here and there, and an appreciative display of some geeks who are definitely getting it right in our book!

You are a nerd rockstar, Work it! :)



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  1. aerienette:

  2. ianbrooks:

    Drop of Blood Ear Dagger

    You’ve already been stabbed through the ear: why not take the fact to its hardcore extremes and put a knife through it? CLEAR STAGE BONUS: make it look like you’re still bleeding from the gaping wound. The Drop of Blood Ear Dagger earring is made with English pewter and a red, faceted Swarovski crystal and despite the name can fit in almost any pierced hole on your body, so hell, be creative in the ways you plan to frighten your friends and family. One dagger earring (not a pair, though buy yourself two if you feel the need for symmetry) is available at Think Geek for $29.99 USD.

  3. crashedhope submitted to fuckyeahnerdfashion:

Video game and fandom themed hair bows and bow ties by Crashedhope Designs. ^.^  Available at: crashedhope.storenvy.com

These are awesome!!

    crashedhope submitted to fuckyeahnerdfashion:

    Video game and fandom themed hair bows and bow ties by Crashedhope Designs. ^.^  Available at: crashedhope.storenvy.com

    These are awesome!!

  4. hello—camille:



    after what feels like literally the longest week of my life working on it my marauder’s map dress for leakycon is DONE!! as a side note, i literally never want to use another fine point sharpie in my life.

    DIY Inspiration: Harry Potter Marauders Map Dress drawn with fine point Sharpies by Tumblr user permets-tu for Leakycon.


  5. knittingwitch:

    Red Sofa on Etsy ~ Norse Rune Rings.


  6. obscuritiesoffbeat:

    Maiden Voyage Clothing.  I require every single one of their shirts.

  7. makingstarwars:

This R2-D2 watch is so cool, but expensive. But really cool.
  8. makingstarwars:

You should probably treat yourself to this Wicket sock set. You deserve it.
  9. geek-studio:

(via Pacific Rim Leather Cuffs by StarsSpikes on Etsy)
  10. geekymerch:

dalek, exterminate apron from jordan dené
  11. direwolfrising:

    hp house series     gryffindor

    mens fashion.   mix of neutrals and vibrant colours. natural fabrics. statement patterns with basics. cohesive mix and matching.

    (Source: creganstark)

  15. magestudioworld:

    D20 Elven dice bracelet

    My shops: http://etsy.me/1gtjEch & here: http://bit.ly/1jioIBq